Posted on Aug 18, 2016

Tips for a Great Outdoor Party

A few ideas on how to set the perfect outdoor party scene

Here at Glorious Difference headquarters we think an outdoor party is the best kind of party, so we’ve put together a few tips for a great outdoor party! Apart from the obvious things like great food, wine and friends, there are so many things you can do to create a mood of fun and frivolity for your outdoor shindig.

Here are ten ideas to help create the perfect outdoor party scene:

  1. Music – it’s amazing how many people forget to bring the boom box to an outdoor gathering! Don’t forget it people, and be sure to make a great playlist or pick a cool, digital station or better yet invest in a live band!
  2. Bunting – Re-usable instant party vibe material! Set an sophisticated scene with black and white, or a country feel with whimsical patterns and pastels.
  3. Inflatable pool toys – Even if you’re no where near a pool pool toys are sure to get people chatting and mucking around.
  4. Insect covers – especially in the Aussie summer these are a must! There’s nothing like a fly to turn you off the yummy camamburt cheese.
  5. Games – whether it’s Twister or cricket, games can really get people socialising and laughing.
  6. Teepee – A great shade maker, and we never really get over the novelty of a cubby do we?! A great way to set up a bohemian atmosphere.
  7. Picnic blankets – the comfier the better. Get imaginative with the designs and colours you choose. Check out ours at:
  8. Face painting – because adults love to have their face painted too.
  9. Clairvoyant reading – an amazing ice breaker and disarming tool to get people talking.
  10. Drink umbrellas – set a relaxed scene and take your guests right back to their last tropical holiday with drink umbrellas in your cocktails! Choose a colour to match your theme, or go multi-coloured for fun!

Tips for a Great Outdoor Party