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Our popular Bohemian picnic blanket is back in stock. Channel the zen. 🧘🏻‍♀️

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The Best Aussie Markets

Connecting with Local Growers and Makers Here at Glorious Difference headquarters we love to visit markets to get inspired and to connect directly with local growers and makers. Markets are full of personality and character - something you don't find much of at big...

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Sunset Picnic Spots in Sydney to Check Out This Winter

Be Awe Inspired by the Spectacular Setting Sydney Sky So it's too cold to hit the beach? Why not get out there with someone you love and hit a grassy knoll instead? There's something really cosy about snuggling up and watching the beautiful warm reds, pinks and...

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Ways to Reduce Your Environmental Impact

We can all make a difference. Every little bit helps. Here at Glorious Difference headquarters we try to come up with ideas of how we can minimise and reduce our environmental impact. We may be a small operator, but we believe that if everyone tries to improve their...

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