About Us

Glorious Difference is an Australian, object design brand and the creative vision of co-founders Wesley Dunlop and Rebecca Holdaway. Launching in 2012 Glorious Difference aspires to celebrate difference in people, places and cultures through design.

We may all be gloriously different, but we share something – a need for connection with each other and nature. In today’s hectic world it’s easy to forget about getting back to our grass roots. What better way to reset and reconnect than with a picnic!

Here at Glorious Difference we are passionate about community, nature and picnicking! There’s something disarming about kicking off the shoes, staring up at the sky and spending time with loved ones or just enjoying some peace on your own.

Our picnic blankets have been made with love and care and are built to last. We do our utmost to respect the environment and our customers by maintaining a very high quality standard.

Designed in Australia, our picnic blankets are designed to last the test of time in the harsh Australian environment. They are padded for comfort and can be used on any surface – be it land, sand or indoors. They also make for very comfy play mats for little people to enjoy.

We donate to an environmental or community based charity every month. Our focus charity this month is Women’s Community Shelters. We will donate $10 from every sale on our website this month to this great organisation. Learn more here: www.womenscommunityshelters.org.au