Ten Summer Party Themes for a Fun Silly Season

Set the Silly Season Scene with Fun and Creative Summer Party Themes

Here at Glorious Difference headquarters we love the silly season and we love a themed party, so we’ve put together ten summer party themes for a fun silly season! It’s hard to believe it’s already November! Where did 2016 go?! Around about now party invites will start coming your way and filling up your silly season calendar. It’s great to have an excuse to dress up and especially fun when there’s a theme to get you inspired! A good themed party gets people in the spirit for fun. It’s a great excuse to get creative!

So here are ten summer party theme ideas to inspire your next silly season party!

  1. Naughty or Nice party: a great theme to set the scene for fun and laughter! It gives guests the opportunity to let their hair down and get into the festive spirit.
  2. Wigs and hats party: a fun theme that won’t scare off those guests that aren’t big on dressing up.
  3. Santa party: there’s nothing like seeing 50 Santa’s in the one room!
  4. Favourite super hero party: laugh at the creative and homemade get ups. A great way to get people in the spirit by taking them back to their childhood. Check out some costumes for inspiration at your local party shop, or the many online stores like: www.costumebox.com.au
  5. High school dress up party: squeeze into your old school uniform to laugh and reminisce about days gone by and all those bad hair styles!
  6. Picnic party: picnic parties are a great way to create a relaxed atmosphere. Everyone can bring a plate. Shoes optional.
  7. Glow in the dark party: such a fun theme to go with from the costumes to the decorations. Switch off the lights and let the fun begin! A great way to bring down barriers and get to know people.
  8. Secret santa party: secret santa parties are an awesome way to celebrate Christmas with friends and family. The element of surprise in getting a gift from a mystery person and trying to figure out whose dressed as santa is a lot of fun. The sillier the santa the better!
  9. Campfire party: kick up your heels with a beer in one hand and toasting marshmallows with the other. There’s something mesmerising and relaxing about a campfire that’s sure to get your guests talking.
  10. Celebrity party: some costumes will be obvious, others will need a little explaining, but either way it’s sure to get people laughing and talking.