3D Street Artists that Have Mastered the Art

Creating Incredible Optical IllusionsĀ on our Streets

Here are Glorious Difference headquarters we love street art, so we’ve put together a piece on 3D street artists that have mastered the art of illusion. There’s something really fun about tricking the senses. Some 3D street art is so good that you have to double, or even triple, take because it looks so extraordinary. You struggle to get your head around what you’re looking at. The artworks often take hours to complete and a lot of precision and skill is required. Many accomplished 3D street artists are now commissioned on commercial projects from block buster movies to coffee chain advertisements. Not surprising that marketers have jumped on the 3D street art bandwagon. What a great way to get local attention and editorial.

Here are three amazing 3D street artists that we’ve found:


3D Street Artists that Have Mastered the Art - Banksy


Banksy is an anonymous graffiti artist and political activist based in the UK. He specialises in many forms of street art, including 3D street art, and his artworks often have a hidden political or cultural message behind them that have intrigued people for over a decade. Often quite dark in nature and humorous at the same time his pieces are distinctive and powerful. There are many small graffiti pieces scattered throughout London.


Nikolaj Arndt

3D Street Artists that Have Mastered the Art


Russian born Nikolaj Arndt has been participating in street art competitions since 2009. His 3D artworks often feature wilderness themes and animals, which is particularly eye catching in an urban environment. Now living in Germany he works at an art school and with advertising agencies.


Julian Beever


3D Street Artists that Have Mastered the Art - julian-beever

UK born Julian Beever studied art at Leeds and started out with street out by busking to fund his travels around the USA, Australia and Europe. His striking 3D artworks cover a broad range of themes and subjects and appear 3D when photographed from a particular angle. He started working on commercial commissions in the 2000s. Dubbed “the Pavement Picasso” he has worked in 28 countries.