Amazing Red Wine Regions in Australia

Five Amazing Red Wine Regions to Check Out When it’s Wine O’Clock

It’s almost Spring, but it’s still cold (especially at night), so we’ve put together a list of five amazing red wine regions in Australia for you to consider for those cosy nights in or out. There’s nothing like a good glass of red to go with that wintry comfort food. Wines from these regions can be added to your shopping list, or (if you’re lucky) list of places to visit. Visiting wine regions can make a great romantic holiday or group holiday with friends. You’re sure to have a jolly time when you’re frolicking amongst the vineyards! It’s a great way to enjoy the outdoors in style and sample the local produce, often direct from the growers.

Barossa Valley – South Australia

Five Amazing Red Wine Regions in Australia - Barossa

Especially popular for it’s blended cabernet sauvignons (usually with Shiraz), the Barossa Valley is a staple in the Australian cab sav scene. The Barossa is now home to winemakers that have been around for seven generations, making its wines highly respected both locally and internationally.

Coonawarra – South Australia

Five Amazing Red Wine Regions in Australia - Coonawarra

Coonawarra vineyards on the ‘Terra rossa’ soil and limestone base produce some of Australia’s best cabernet sauvignon. Named after the Aboriginal word for honeysuckle it is located 60kms from the ocean, giving it a cooler climate, similar to that of Bordeaux.


Five Amazing Red Wine Regions in Australia - Tasmania

With a cooler climate that all other wine regions in the country, Tasmanian wines are grown in a unique climate and produce beautiful cold weather grapes, such as Pinot Noir. Strong winds from the Indian Ocean, Bass Strait and the Tasman Sea add to the character of the grapes that are grown there.

Yarra Valley – Victoria

Five Amazing Red Wine Regions in Australia - Yarra Valley

One of Australia’s most popular wine regions to visit, the Yarra is home to some of Australia’s finest red wine. The region produces exceptional cool climate wines as well as cabernet sauvignons.

Clare Valley – South Australia

Five Amazing Red Wine Regions in Australia - Clare Valley

Not as famous as the other regions, the Clare Valley produces deep, rich cabernet sauvignon based wines. A beautiful place to visit with picturesque countryside and plenty of wineries to enjoy.