Finding Your Tribe

Why finding like-minded people is so important

Here at Glorious Difference headquarters we believe that community is very important. We are social animals with a deep need for connection. The modern world is quickly pushing us towards a digitised, disconnected existence. The trouble is biology moves much slower than culture and we are being swept up and taken on a ride that we are not adapted for. There is a growing awareness of this in the spiritual and healing communities where people are going back to the basics of connection with each other and nature. We’ve never been so connected, or disconnected. Even Twitter has pushed its own users off the platform suggesting they go and tell someone they love them.

Being a part of a community improves your mental and emotional well being. Being involved in a community provides a sense of connectedness and belonging. It gives more meaning and purpose to life – a reason to get out of bed in the morning. It can improve your perspective and mindset on life, improve self-esteem and increase your enjoyment of life.We are hard-wired to be a member of a community for survival reasons. In the wild people that were not in a tribe would most likely not survive.

Having supportive, like-minded people around you is vital to health and happiness. When you feel good, you’re more likely to do things that are good for you like exercise and eating nutritiously and a positive cycle flows through your life.

So how do you find your tribe? Be your true and authentic self! Not sure who that is yet? Get involved in lots of hobbies and activities. You’ll know when you like something because you’ll want to continue it. You never know where each thread will lead you and there’s something so exciting about that!

Wanderlust came up with some great ideas on how to find your tribe. Check it out here: