Five Great Picnic Spots in LA

First Star Picnic Spots to Add to Your Picnic Bucket List

Here at Glorious Difference headquarters we love LA, so we’ve put together a list of five great picnic spots in LA! We’ve been lucky enough to visit the city a couple of times and loved the energy of the place. The weather is awesome and the people are really fun. There’s so much going on and there’s something for everyone. The city is made for outdoor fun and entertaining!

Check out our list of five great picnic spots to add to your picnic bucket list:

Hollywood Bowl

Five Great Picnic Spots in LA - Hollywood Bowl

What better way to get into the concert spirit than to relax over a picnic with friends. The iconic spot is full of atmosphere and you can feel the creative energy of all the artists that have played there over the years.

Vista Hermosa Natural Park

Five Great Picnic Spots in LA - Vista Hermosa Natural Park

Head straight to the grassy central field with a picnic blanket under your arm. Take in the Downtown skyline view which is an amazing and different perspective of the city.

Point Dume State Beach

Five Great Picnic Spots in LA - Point Dume State Beach

Escape the crowds and hit the beach for a picnic at Point Dume. You may just need to share with the seals, dolphins and sea gulls! Take a hike afterwards to get the blood pumping.

Griffith Park

Five Great Picnic Spots in LA - Griffith Park

Griffith Park has it all – canyons, a merry-go-round, an old zoo, caves and coyotes! There’s so much to explore and so many nooks and crannies you’ll need to visit several times to find your favourite part.

Mount Wilson Observatory

Five Great Picnic Spots in LA - Mount Wilson Observatory

Not a picnic spot for the faint hearted the Mount Wilson Oberservatory has views that won’t disappoint but it takes time and energy to get there. From this altitude you can see for miles. Get lost in rolling landscape high up with the birds.