What Better Time to Take Up Meditating?

Here at Glorious we’re big believers in trying to make the world a better place for all living things. Now more than ever we need to have clear minds to make good decisions that will dovetail out and ultimately benefit us all. We need to challenge ourselves and our biases. We’re all connected. Every person makes a difference. Even small, positive decisions make a difference and it all start with the mind.

So we’ve pulled together five great meditation apps to get you started on your meditation journey. They’re all free, but come with in-app purchase options.



This app comes with lots of options to tailor your experience and has a user friendly interface. You can choose from 3 to 25 minute guided meditations. It comes with all sorts of extras including soothing sleep sounds and breathing exercises.

Where to find: Apple Store and Google Play


Simple Habit

This app is great for people that find time a barrier to meditation. It offers a variety of five minute guided meditations, as well as  motivational guides and coaching.

Where to find: Apple Store and Google Play



This app is great for anyone that is curious about the origins and traditions behind meditation. It draws upon ancient Vedic principles and offers six minute and longer guided meditations.

Where to find: Apple Store and Google Play


1 Giant Mind

Learn to meditate in 12 easy steps. During the 12 steps you will learn about the typical experiences and challenges of meditation and how best to overcome them . You can then follow the 30 day challenge to improve your technique.

Where to find: Apple Store and Google Play



Inscape is brought to you by a meditation studio based in NYC. The app is designed to decrease anxiety and stress and to improve sleep.

Where to find: Apple Store and Google Play