Graffiti Art in Sydney that Makes You Think

Art from a Different Perspective

Here at Glorious Difference headquarters we love and appreciate art from different eras and disciplines, so we’ve put together a piece on graffiti art in our home town of Sydney. Artists are often creative philosophers, encouraging us to think about things we haven’t considered before or to see things from a different perspective. Graffiti art has become increasingly popular over the past decade or so with the help of high-profile artists like Banksy. Graffiti artists often expose us to the gritty underworld of our cities and critique our cultures and politics. Graffiti gives these artists a platform to express themselves and share their views and experiences with us.

The streets of Sydney are covered in graffiti, like most cities of the world. The artists behind the work have many stories to tell, like Arthur Stace, who was a reformed alcoholic and wrote “Eternity” across the streets of Sydney for 35 years between 1932 and 1967. His inspiration was religious and he wanted to express a clear, simple message that would stop people and make them think.

Arguable Sydney’s most prolific, current artist, “Onion”, grew up in Summer Hill and spent a lot of time in the drain ways near Parramatta Road. Some consider his artwork to be too loud and aggressive, but that’s the message he is wanting to portray – that the underworld exists and has a voice that is worth listening to as much as anyone else’s.

Near St. Peter’s station a legal street gallery has been set up on May Lane called the May Lane Art Project. The project is supported by local businesses and residents.

Newtown and Enmore is home to some very imaginative graffiti artworks. Some pieces have been around for decades and some only a few days. The graffiti is constantly changing and evolving. Grab a coffee and take a stroll down Gladstone Street and check out the imaginative artworks on display, from the very edgy to the incredible beautiful, you may not love everything you see, but it’s sure to make you think.

Graffiti Art in Sydney - Gladstone Street

Graffiti Art in Sydney - Gladstone Street