Human Re-Wilding

Getting in Touch with your Wild Side!

Here at Glorious Difference we are interested in human and environmental health and well being. Re-wilding our environment is a movement that has had a bit of press lately (stay tuned for our next charity of the month!). It’s principles are based not only on regeneration, but taking it a step further in reintroducing flora and fauna that are native to the area in question. This results in a re-balancing of ecological systems along the food chain, with improvements made in water consumption, minimising pests and improving erosion etc.

What would happen if we applied similar principals to our human existence? Humans have been in existence for around 200,000 years. Civilisation as we know it has been around for 6,000 years and industrialisation since the 1800’s. Culture moves so much faster than biology and the way we live our lives now is often in conflict with our biological makeup. We have become so disconnected from our environment and where our food and water come from. Our brains are bombarded with messages and stimulus resulting in stress and a resulting desire for distraction or escapism. Human re-wilding is about being mindful of our environment and our small place in it. It’s about letting our senses connect again with the light of the sun, the feeling of the breeze on our skin, the sounds of the birds and leaves in the wind. It’s about becoming aware of how long it takes for a plant to grow and what conditions it needs to be healthy. It’s about letting go of the ego and allowing ourselves to be humble in becoming aware of the vastness of nature, Earth and the Universe. It’s about re-connecting with the mindfulness and patience that is inside all of us.

Here are a few ways you can rewild!

  • Take off your shoes (if you can!) and hit the beach, park or wherever there is nature nearby on your lunch break – There are little snippets of nature even in busiest cities and suburbia. Let your senses notice the sounds, smells and the feeling of the air on your skin and all the little creatures around you. Even better take a work buddy with you and make it a daily tradition!
  • Grow some plants – noticing how plants change slowly over time, really connects you to nature. Indoor plants are also great air purifiers – the Peace Lily is a great, inexpensive option.
  • Skip the gym and take up an outdoor hobby – running, walking, bike riding, surfing, or hiking to name a few!
  • Ditch the chair or sofa and sit on the ground for a while – it’s amazing how centering and disarming this can be and it’s much better for your posture.
  • Take a course in foraging – Learn about wild edible plants in your local area. Diego Bonetto takes some excellent classes in Sydney:
  • Go camping on your next holiday and sleep under that big, beautiful sky – You don’t have to be a hardcore camper to enjoy the benefits of camping these days. Here are some easy, pop up tents: