Tips for an Awesome Outdoor Christmas

A Few Items for a Carefree Outdoor Christmas

Here at Glorious Difference headquarters we’re getting pretty excited about Christmas, so we’ve put together a few tips for an awesome outdoor Christmas. You can already smell that sweet smell of Christmas in the air! The jasmine has bloomed and the jacaranda trees are in full vibrant display. The weather is heating up and the cicadas are filling the air with their loud songs. Christmas in Australia has a very different atmosphere to many of our friends in the Northern Hemisphere. Like any great outdoor party it’s best to be prepared, so we’ve put together a few things to remember if you will be enjoying an outdoor Christmas this year.

  1. Repellent – whether it’s mosquitoes, flies, bees or wasps there’s usually something pesty flying around wanting to join the party. Mosqitoe coils are also a handy item to have close by and light up, especially if you’ll be out at dusk.
  2. Fly covers – keep all that yummy food safe from preying flies and throw a few fly covers over all your Christmas goodies.
  3. Sunscreen – no one wants to spend Boxing Day in an ice bath, so remember to slip, slop, slap and have sunscreen very visible to remind people to top up.
  4. Esky with plenty of ice – there’s nothing like an icy beer or glass of champagne to celebrate the silly season, so stock up on ice and use a decent esky to keep your drinks cool.
  5. Music – why not bring out a few Michael Buble Christmas classics to get people in the spirit!
  6. Picnic blanket and pillows – creating a comfortable set up is very important for an extended time outdoors. Our picnic blankets are uniquely padded for comfort so you can maximise your time outdoors. Why not throw in a few pillows for extra comfort for those that need a little shut eye after gorging on the Christmas feast!
  7. Christmas hats – get people in the spirit of Christmas with a few silly Christmas hats. The sillier the better!
  8. Beer coolers – a bit of a must for an Aussie outdoor Christmas. Beer coolers not only keep your beers cold they are also great for identifying which beer is whose. There are some great Christmas themed beer coolers out there.
  9. Outdoor cricket set – playing a little cricket is a fun way to wake people up after a few hours of eating and drinking. Everyone will be ready for the next course after a round or two.
  10. BBQ- there’s nothing like that smell of great meat being cooked on the BBQ to get your mouth watering. Barbeques Galore have a great range of portable BBQs that range from high end to disposable: