Staycation Ideas

For When You Don’t Want to (or Can’t!) Take a Holiday

Here at Glorious we think holidaying can be a state of mind! So we’re all pretty much landlocked. We either can’t get away this long weekend (for those Down Under!), or we can’t afford the dough to travel domestically So we’ve come up with a few simple ideas for how you can make your staycation a real mini-break, that leaves you feeling refreshed, rejuvenated and ready to tackle the end of the year head on!

So without further ado, here are few ideas and tips to help out all you staycationers:

  1. Go easy on the housework – it can wait! It can be stressful living in a space surrounded by mess! So either learn to deal with it for a few days, or do a big cleanup before the weekend.
  2. Plan some simple meals – pasta and pesto, premade salads, simple stir-fries …
  3. Load up on fruit and veg nibbles – you’ll end up reaching for those instead of the tempting unhealthy alternatives.
  4. Pick out a few movies, docos or series you haven’t had the time to check out.
  5. Research a new walking track close to home you’ve never done before. Be sure to pack a picnic!
  6. Forget about time – Put the world on hold. Put away your clocks and watches (and phones if you’re brave!) and just be for a few days.
  7. Put a few drops of essential oil in your shower for a spa vibe. If you’re feeling adventurous here are a few DIY facial ideas:
  8. Hold a music event – everyone can choose their favourite bands and compile videos of live concerts (remember those?!).
  9. Pitch a tent in the backyard, or camp out in the living room! Need some inspo? Here are a few tips on how to pitch an indoor tent:
  10. Set the atmosphere – get the Christmas lights out, light the candles and play music.