The Importance of Spending Time Outdoors

Why Spending Time Outdoors is so Important

Here at Glorious Difference headquarters we love spending time outdoors. It rejuvenates you and inspires you. It’s like hitting a reset button on your body and mind. It’s one thing that is becoming lost in our increasingly detached society. We’re becoming detached from each other and our environment – two things that are vital to our health and happiness. Being outside in natural is our original habitat, just like it is for a bird or a kangaroo. We spend so much time indoors is it any wonder we’re suffering mentally and physically? Going back to nature make sense, because it’s where we have evolved from. Nature holds the answers to many problems we face and it’s often the seemingly simplest things that can have the biggest impact. There are simply and free things you can do to improve your mental and physical health right now. You could hit the park and have a picnic. Organise a walk with a friend at a national park on the weekend. Eat your lunch outside at a park. Take up an outdoor activity like surfing or running.

Here are some of the health benefits to spending time outdoors:

It Can Help You Live Longer

Studies have found that spending time in green spaces decreases illness and inflammation. Studies conducted by a group of Dutch scientists found that a wide variety of diseases were less prevalent among people who lived in close proximity to green space. These people also had improved mental states.

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It Boosts Your Immune System

Spending time outdoors boosts your immune system with all the good germs helping your body to be robust. A Japanese study found that the cellular activity of forests boosts the human immune system.

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It Can Make You Smarter

Ever have trouble concentrating, especially when sitting in front of a computer screen? A study found that people immersed in nature for four days, improved their problem solving ability by 50%.¬†Another paper said that “nature therapy” could improve your cognitive ability at zero cost and it was a therapy that is readily available to everyone and has no side-effects.

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It Improves Your Mood and Self-Esteem

Feeling grumpy? You’re not the only one! We spend so much time away from our natural habitat it makes us feel disconnected. A study found that partaking in “green exercise” dramatically improves your mood and self-esteem.

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