Three Incredible Sand Artists

Three Artists that Take Sand Castles to the Next Level

Here at Glorious Difference headquarters we love the beach and art, so we’ve found three incredible sand artists that take the humble sand castle to the next level! We really admire anyone that masters a creative skill. Sand is a tricky medium to work with as it’s crumbly and difficult to manage – not to mention the often nearby water, which can completely collapse a beautiful artwork in the blink of an eye! Sand artists like any other discipline are quite varied in their approach and focus. From pieces reminiscent of classicist sculpture to bohemian inspired pieces there’s a great variety of sand artists. Either way it’s a real treat when you stumble across a great art work in the sand!

Here are three incredible sand artists to check out:

Craig Gascoigne

World Renowned Sand Artists - Craig Gascoigne

Based in the beautiful Byron Bay Craig regularly delights the locals and tourists with his works of art. Craig has been creating these captivating and hypnotic images in the sand for years. It takes him hours to create each one and his motivation is to share love and enjoyment with anyone that is lucky enough to view them.

Jim Denevan

World Renowned Sand Artists - Jim Denevan

Jim Denevan’s captivating sand art is in the form of freehand drawings that are reminiscent of crop circles. His drawings are done at low tide and etched into the sand with a long stick. Each work takes him around seven hours to complete. A labour of love that disappears each time when the tide comes in.

Radovan Zivny

World Renowned Sand Artists - Radovan

Rodovan is a Czech sand artist that has been sculpting since 1999. He has won many awards in that time with his incredible Michelangelo replicas and breathtaking forms. His sculptures are full of detail and imagination.