Free Repair Service

One of our goals here at Glorious Difference is to live up to our deep commitment to responsible manufacturing. There is so much stuff out there that is made with an expiry date. We want to make products that are built to last a lifetime to reduce our environmental footprint by reducing landfill. To do this we need to empower our customers with information and tools, so we’ve launched our free repair service.

When you purchase a Glorious Difference picnic blanket you become an owner, not a consumer. Our goal is that you own your picnic blanket for a lifetime. If your picnic blanket suffers wear and tear you can get in touch with us and we will assess your blanket. If we are able to repair the blanket we will do so without charge. If we are not able to repair it we will endeavor┬áto recycle or reuse the blanket and supply you with a new blanket free of charge. It’s our commitment to you and the environment.

Have a Glorious Difference picnic blanket that needs repair? We’d love to hear from you!

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